Artist info


Rock, Roots

Sounds like

The Cat Empire, Bomba

band members

Tim Sinclair - vocals, guitar, harmonica, bass; Jack Tinapple - vocals, guitar, harmonica, bass, flute; Matt Holt - sax; Casey Nicholson - trumpet; Eamon Holligan - guitar, bass, flute, vocals; Dan Wheatley - drums


Tom Waits, red hot chilli peppers, Blues Brothers

Unearthed artists we like

Flugendorf, Jigsaw Collective.



The NEO is a six piece Aussie funk and roots band playing an energetic fusion of funk, reggae, ska, blues, folk and rock. Soul fuel for wild dancing, The NEO’s concerts are always captivating, incorporating flamboyant theatrics for a unique rock show. After returning home from their east coast tour, taking in the massive Woodford Festival, Exodus Festival, and numerous funky venues in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and more The NEO got back into business of producing their new album titled 'The Near Earth Objects'. With 15 bold new tracks this album is the culmination of many years of song crafting and touring. From Arnhem Land to the Red Centre, the East coast to the Southern Mountains, there are some epic tales, including the ruckus sea shanty, carving the tale of Indonesian Pirates, the real 'Boogie man'. These tracks have a real soul sound, with the full horn section, powerhouse vocals and those signature funky bass and beats. Recorded at 301 studios in Byron Bay and mixed by John Butlers engineer Robin Mai, the album has already created a buzz.