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Electronic, Indie

Sounds like

Daft Punk, Bag raiders, Justice

band members

Chris (vocals, vocoder, synths, programming) Nik (drums, drum programming) Johnny (Bass)



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Neon Knights (Remixes)


NEON KNIGHTS IS DEAD. ---------------------------------------- Strobe-happy Neon Knights set the Melbourne electro scene alight in 2007 with a brace of startlingly original live performances, prompting Beat Magazine to declare the bands sound as " amalgam of insane beatage, firestorming electro and fuck off huge melodies" within weeks of their inception. Such instant notoriety landed the outfit support slots alongside some of Australia's biggest purveyors of electronic music: Midnight Juggernauts, The Galvatrons, Dukes of Windsor and Lost Valentinos all shared the stage with the new kids of electro carnage. Taking their cue from the likes of Justice and Daft Punk, Neon Knights combine pop driven melodies with thunderous beats to stunning affect; their hybrid bastard child song styling likened to a marital union of Kavinsky and MSTRKRFT. "The melodies punch and the hooks drag you in with such gravity that I thought I was going to hit the moon..." proclaimed With fan favourites such as Something in Her Eyes and Problems in the Playground evoking a powerful emotional response amongst the initiated, Neon Knights recorded a five track EP Hoods centred on these songs and their rising popularity. Now beginning to infiltrate the mainstream, Catalyst Magazine wrote that the band had "...barnstormed the inner-city hipster club scene with some refreshingly original, ARP-heavy electro". With the follow-up to 2010's blistering Hoods debut EP, their sophomore effort blending their electronic and rock elements into a more cohesive, focused whole. Displaying considerable growth in all areas, the band has lost none of the verve that initially piqued interest, but has added a depth in musicianship and song writing that outstrips many of their contemporaries. With barely a year separating the Hoods EP and this release, the band's development owes much to their gigging and touring schedule as well as their creative ingenuity, resulting in a swaggering return to the collective consciousness after the debut received considerable radio exposure on Triple J. Continuing to deliver to live audiences nation-wide, the three-piece have parlayed their on-the-job experience into two explosive singles recorded at Hothouse Studio in Melbourne. Their 1st single 'In with the Romance' is high on emotion and unquestionable dance floor magnetism. In with the Romance begins with a thumping beat coupled with sporadic electronic imagery before ascending into a stomping, sing-along chorus that can't fail to excite. Neon Knights' electro-rock fusion has never sounded more accomplished than on this track, the band paying homage to their heroes yet staying true to the idiosyncratic sound solidified on their debut. Certain to illicit some industry noise given the favourable attention of their earlier efforts, Neon Knights and their heady electro-rock amalgam have upped the ante in 2012 and are set to deliver a devastating assault on the senses.


Reviewed by Steph Hughes Steph Hughes

03 Sep 2010

Triple J

you guys are getting some really classy synth sounds out of your equipment, and you're not slouches at writing songs either.

you guys are getting some really classy synth sounds out of your equipment, and you're not slouches at writing songs either.