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Indie, Punk

Sounds like

drums+ synth +, Bass X 2(Guitars) , = love(hate)X2 + Lust

band members

Jamie Luxton - Drums Michael Belsar - Synth / Guitar Jack Craven - Vocals / Guitar Bryce Forrester - Bass Nipuna Jay - Vocals / Guitar


Mercy Arms, Reptiles, birthday party

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Neon Love are a talented bunch of guys from Ballarat, some of whom have already drummed up a bit of buzz as part of Unearthed High winners Howl. Being in just one of those bands would be a respectable feat for young’uns from rural Victoria, so ‘Holiday’ comes as a welcome and impressive surprise. The vocal inflections and arrangement (including the shouted refrain at the end) heavily recall Tokyo Police Club, but it’s not direct cribbing/hero worship because the song beneath it is pretty darn catchy. in itself You know, it’s jaunty indie rock and it’s fun so more power to these guys. They’ll probably go far. Much further than Ballarat. -Matt Hickey ( I went searching the interwebs for highly bloggable material and found NEON LOVE sitting over on the charts of Triple J’s unearthed. They hail from a little town in Victoria, Australia called Ballarat (also known for its large gold deposits back in the 1850’s). With dashes of Vampire Weekend’ish guitar riffs and story telling phrases that force you to really ‘listen’ to the lyrics, its just some more great Australian produce. Absentee (