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Nevsky Prospekt

band members

Stuart Mckay - Vocals/Guitar, Haydn Bishop - Bass, Pat Burke - Drums


Jeff Buckley, Biffy Clyro, System Of A Down


Nevsky Prospekt are a three piece alternative rock band from Perth, Western Australia. They have been playing solidly around the Perth scene since July 2011 and have garnered a strong and loyal following since their first few shows. The band's sound is the product of Scottish ex-pat Stuart McKay who moved from his home town of Inverness and sought out like minded musicians to contribute to his vast back catalogue of songs that have gone on to become live favourites in and around Perth. It's in Stuart's humorous but succinct description of the band's sound: 'If the sperm of Muse fertilised the egg of System of a Down and the zygote was implanted and grown in the womb of Jeff Buckley' that we get an idea of where the band are coming from and ultimately where they intend to go with their unique take on the genre that has a lot of people excited about the future of the band. They have recently finished recording their debut EP 'Poseidon's Ire' with WAM nominated producer Rob Agostini at Soundbaker Studios which they released at the start of March. They intend on touring the EP on the east coast at the end of the year, so look out! With compelling melodies, thought provoking lyrics, epic choruses and a powerful rhythm section, the unique sound of Nevsky Prospekt epitomises the power trip format and promises to be nothing more than extraordinary. "Nevsky Prospekt have finally released this doozy of a debut EP which manages to successfully combine a myriad of classic rock and alternative influences into a compelling and unique sound. The band deliver five tracks of bombastic and engaging hard rock that veer all over the rock map while still sounding, steadfastly, like Nevsky Prospekt." -Shane Pinnegar - Xpress Magazine "For me part of the magic of Nevsky Prospekt in a world where we’ve ‘heard it all before’ is their ability to reinterpret rather than engage in the art of reproduction, and when you add to that energy, passion and engaging lyrics you have something rather special." -Mark Diggins - The Rockpit