Artist info


Hip Hop, Metal, Punk

Sounds like

r.h.c.p sepultura,r.a.t.m Slipknot ,hed pe ,

band members

Brad Bromfield ..vox Matt Mcpherson...bass Matt Doust ...guitarist Cj Nash...beatmaster


Red hot chilli peppers,Sepultura,Anthrax,Korn,N.w.a,R.a.T.M,Mushroomhead,Slipknot,anything Mike Patton is involved in,Slayer,Rick James just to name a very small few

Unearthed artists we like

Bearfoot, Inhailed, MESSIAM, Rob Stanley, DisKust, Kaosphere



From adversity comes strength of character, and in turn that strength becomes the backbone and belief that any challenge is surmountable.
After a tumultuous 2018, Sunshine Coast nu-metal stalwarts New Clear Vision are ready to re-establish themselves as one of the best rising bands in the country.
Past is past and future is everything, so with that in mind, New Clear Vision enter 2019 with a fresh outlook on life and music that is reflective of a band at peace with their decisions.
With acclaimed debut album Open Your Eyes under their belt, vocalist Brad Bromfield says the time is right for New Clear Vision to deliver on their potential and conquer music fans one at a time with an unrelenting blend of passion, angst and anger that combines into an aural assault that will batter you into submission with every listen.
Their music is uncompromising and brutal but delivered with an infectious blend of humour and raw emotion that will leave your senses in a state of confusion at the sheer intensity it demands.
With original members Bromfield and drummer CJ Nash forming the nucleus of New Clear Vision the spark and chemistry that saw the band rise from the ashes of Messiam in 2015 is stronger than ever.
Bromfield's menacing vocals which switch between guttural growls and his trademark nu-metal raps provide depth to the eclectic sound of the music, which draws inspiration from bands such as Faith No More at their menacing best to Body Count in their Cop Killer days without ever crossing the line between inspiration and imitation.
Nash's drumming is a frenetic amalgamation of jazz, funk and metal with enough of his own personality mixed in to provide a sound as unique as it is powerful. Bringing a mixture of musical styles perfected in previous bands he not only holds the whole thing together, he tears it apart with reckless abandon and reconstructs it in his own image to provide a wall of sound that provides the platform for New Clear Vision's frequent moments of destruction.
Matt McPherson on bass was coaxed out of a self-imposed musical exile in 2017 to provide a drive and backbone to New Clear Vision's body of work that locks in with CJ to ensure no matter how far off the music goes in tangents it always comes back to the essence of the song. With a dash of thrash, a pinch of groove and just a touch of madness, McPherson puts the rhythm in rhythm section and provides the steadying influence that elevates a good band into a great one.
Newcomer Matthew Doust on guitar brings a heaviness and new feel to the music with chunky chord progressions and ominous lead breaks that sing when it matters and pummels you into submission when it counts.
Music shouldn't just be played, it should also be felt, and New Clear Vision will not rest until they have achieved that balance.
With a live show that encapsulates musical precision entwined with youthful exuberance, New Clear Vision are a band for which near enough will never be good enough. It's not enough to leave you wanting more. Their aim is to leave you incapable of wanting more.
Music has a new face, and the name to put to that face is New Clear Vision.
For bookings or more information please Brad Bromfield on facebook