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Indie, Roots

Sounds like

The Black Keys, The Doors, Johnny Cash

band members

Milan - Vocals/Guitar Darren Seknow - Drums


Bob Dylan, Son House



Melbourne Indie blues duo The New Savages are proud to announce the imminent release of their debut album ‘Seventh Son’.

Both lead track ‘Seventh Son’ and the album as whole inspired by the naked truth of the original Blues but is very much a modern and eloquent take on the old themes of God, the devil, men and women, and unrequited love.

Says Savages front man Milan Milutinovic of the title track, “Seventh Son is the true story of a man I know who found God while he was in prison for killing someone while driving drunk. There was something very powerful in the thought of finding ultimate truth and grace in the worst position in life. I wanted to capture his conversion experience in a song.”

One listen to track ‘Brother, I am Your Keeper’ which was released as a standalone single last year, will tell you that this band owe as much to Melbourne’s reverb-drenched indie history as to the traditions of the Blues and are perhaps as much The Birthday Party as they are Muddy Waters.

The tracks are simple, primitive, powerful and hypnotic, with boogie, hill country acoustics, a tip of the hat to the punk blues approach of John Spencer, with ‘Seagulls’ a nod to Fleetwood Mac’s classic instrumental ‘Albatross’.


Review by Nkechi Anele Nkechi Anele

12 Jun 2019

Triple J

Epic drum sounds and a bold guitar - what more do you want from blues, really!?

Epic drum sounds and a bold guitar - what more do you want from blues, really!?