Artist info


Hip Hop

Sounds like

Hopsin, Eminem, Tech Nine, Yelawolf, BustaRhymes.

band members

Mickey West aka Nhostic - Emcee/Producer


Eminem, Hopsin, Tech Nine, Vinnie Paz, Royce Da 5'9", Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf, Blades, Bliss n Eso.



Nhostic is a double-time, multi-syllable enthusiast; sporting an intense presence with technical flow, behind a powerful, clear voice with determined delivery. Nhostic’s lyrics involve all emotions; even including light-hearted humour occasionally, usually aimed at the ladies.
Always entertaining, Nhostic pulls a great crowd and there’s always Nhostic supporters owning the first couple of rows of every show he performs at.
Nhostic’s power is addictive and he puts 100% into his music, drawing you in with his explosive energy and clever lyrics. Nhostic definitely leaves an ever-lasting impression.