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Sounds like

Dark Tranquillity, Trivium, children of bodom

band members

Michael Varlet - Lead Vocals/Guitar/Samples, Trent Powell - Guitar/Vocals, Matt James - Bass/Vocals, Brent Harman - Drums


Avenged Sevenfold, Nightwish, Norther

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From Brisbane, Australia, a powerful force emerges. Before Nightfall is a melodic death metal quintet who have a rapidly growing fan base of all ages. Constantly outdoing themselves, Before Nightfall are beginning to get a respectable name amongst their hometown for their punishing live performances. Late 2011 will see Before Nightfall's debut release with their full length album 'Smiling at your Sorrow'. This self produced LP will show the world what they are truly made of. With Australian tours in sight, this young energetic band will continue to floor audiences all over their home country, and the world.