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Electronic, Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Bjork, The Bad Plus, Kate Bush, Radiohead, Destiny's Child, Aphex Twin, Churches

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Bjork, Kate Bush, The Bad Plus, 30/70, Messy Mammals, Brenda, Johnny Greenwood, Nirvana, Queen, Sade, Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, Avo Part, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Yeo


Niine the idiosyncratic mini ball of quirky goodness has been hitting the live music scene hard with her vibrant song writing and organic grooves since the end of 2016. As the world’s first avant-garde avalanche pop artist, she brings a completely new sound and elation to the music scene both in her recordings and live shows. Her abstract view of the pop world and secret punk attitude is delivering exactly what the music scene has craved.
When she takes to the stage her performances have been described as rapturous and stupidly captivating; Niine becomes a four piece for live shows, and it’s here that we witness the true colours of her beat, vocal and synth heavy creations come alive.

Named “avant-garde pop genius” by Trouble Juice, Niine is becoming a household name. Working with big names like Grammy nominated sound engineer Nick Herrera and ARIA award mastering engineer Adam Dempsey, her upcoming releases are predicted to make a big splash in the music scene. Mr Dempsey with 22 years of mastering behind him described the E.P as “strong and original” while RIPE magazine said each movement of Niine’s tracks “trickle into the next with charismatic vocals”.

Niine’s music is humorously relatable and painfully engaging, igniting even the dampest of wicks. With a ridiculously busy year of releases ahead, Niine’s name is one you will be hearing a lot more of.