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Rock, Pop

Sounds like

The Beatles meet the Foo Fighters

band members

Michael Collins - guitar and vocals Adrian Nunes - bass Jordan Nunes - drums


Download our new EP "Greatest Days" for FREE from our website: You may have seen or heard of Nil By Mouth before. They have featured as a triple j Unearthed act, been played across independent radio, and on local TV and have done their time on the Sydney pub scene. In a city filled with pokies, bistros and poker tables Nil By Mouth have had to battle their way through to establish themselves on the scene in Sydney. They have played at heaps of bars and pubs across the city over the last few years, The Hopetoun, Luna Park, The Lansdowne and the Excelsior name but a few of the places they have commanded the dance floor of. There was even once a world tour, but it consisted of one acoustic gig in the Northern Hemisphere, and the rhythm section weren't there so it probably doesn't count. Starting in 2002 in suburban Sydney, Nil By Mouth set out to make music that they wanted to listen to, that made them happy, and really just to pass the time. From this point it went a little like this... 2004 saw Nil By Mouth release their self titled EP. Their friends family and a few others thought it was fantastic, but they wanted more. In 2005 the band released their second EP, "the way it is". The EP received air play on triple j as well as other radio stations for tracks like ‘Guns for the Enemy’. 2006 saw a breakthrough for the band when they won the Macquarie Uni Band Comp and later that year went all the way to the state final of the Jim Beam Band Competition. 2007 saw they band take the next step in their evolution when they played to over 10,000 people at Conception Day at Macquarie Uni, quite a feat for a band still juggling with things to truly find their ‘sound’. In 2009 comes Nil By Mouth's third release, recorded in the famous Albert Studios, a name synonymous with Australian music. The guys recorded in the same studios that housed the likes of Midnight Oil, The Living End, and Neil Finn. The end result is "Greatest Days", an 8 track EP featuring 5 guest musicians, including brass and violin and is truly the band's most ambitious recording yet. The band has found its sound and is now ready to take on a crowd near you. Nil By mouth aren’t trying to change the world, they don’t want to overthrow governments or end wars. Sure those things would kick arse, but they are more inclined to want to get you smiling, dancing, or even just tapping your toe in the corner of the room. They don’t care, just so long as you’re enjoying yourself and you buy 50 copies of their album each. - Lachlan Guselli