Artist info


Dance, Electronic

Sounds like

hot chip, the presets, Digitalism

band members

CJ And Rory


sci-fi, video games, our synthesizers

Unearthed artists we like

City Calm Down, DROP FRAME, Triforce


Nintegatari are CJ and Rory, an electronic dance music duo hailing from Wodonga, Australia. The digital minstrels are influenced by sci-fi and video games. While their feet are planted on Aussie soil, their minds can often be found zipping through an 8-bit kaleidoscopic universe of arcade asteroids, swift blue hedgehogs and 1up mushrooms. The band formed in 2008 under the name Bloodloss Vegas. In early 2012, their name was changed to reflect the shift in tone to more upbeat, tongue-in-cheek tunes. 2012 also saw the departure of David Parker as a full time member of the band. Nintegatari have composed scores for contemporary dance companies; including dis/assemble, projection and the Melbourne Ballet Company.