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Indie, Metal, Punk, Rock

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TEAM Nitro Zeus Supreme Vocals and Keys - Zichxyna Drums - Hurst Guitars - James V Bass - James T Contact:



It all started when two chronic underachievers decided to metamorphosis into incompetent musicians by cocooning themselves in a sweaty bedroom. Accumulating and shedding members like an unstable derelict on a fatal course down a ravine, the Nitro Zeus came to a focal point in late 2017 - GALVANISED with the addition of supreme vocalist Zichxyna -who was driven by sheer pity to turn the band around with her immense talent and previous performing experience. Zi in a masterstroke move also managed to drag James “Wundermensch” T (AV extraordinaire) along with her, and thus complete the RITUAL of Rock Band Ascension(™) - fulfilling the Nitro Zeus prophecy.