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Sounds like

Propaghandi, Rise Against, The Offspring

band members

Zane Harlem - Lead Guitar / Lead Vocals Ashton Peters - Rhythm Guitar / Backup Screams Jack Rutherford - Bass Guitar / Backup Vocals Jonathon Hickox - Drums


NOFX, Propaghandi, Black Flag


Formed in the depths of a garage, and kickin' it for over five years, No Assumption will sooth your ears with the fast paced, anti-conformist, possibly insulting songs you've been longing for. Based out of Canberra (Queanbeyan really, we like to pretend we're from Canberra), No Assumption have played numerous shows up and down the East Coast and in the fathest "no-ones-ever-heard-of" corners of NSW. Their music is punk rock to its core, with a wide varity of songs influenced by many punk bands through the ages, from Dead Kennedys to NOFX to Rise Against to Propaghandi to Frenzal Rhomb to Bad Religion, and beyond. Their most recent activity is recording a "not-so-anticipated-but-it'd- be-cool-to-hear" 6 track EP, which is available now from Bandcamp and BigCartel.