Artist info


Electronic, Indie

Sounds like

Boards of canada, Thom Yorke, DNtel

band members

Andy wounds - noises Brett K - Drums


counting crows, radiohead, Missy Higgins


I play/perform in a hardcore band where I scream alot, Abraxis. I had a need to release some softer, nicer songs than I usually do. Most songs were created as gifts for past lovers and friends. some were just me trying to have my own take on some of my favourite songs. never really created to show the general public. just songs of various styles, electronic blips and synths, some guitar, with terrible vocals, never should I be 'singing' into a mic, but love and no money make you do desperate things. these were offerings of love that no longer have a purpose, so now they can be shown to whoever has a minute to listen. I put up 3 covers, more songs at my myspace page.