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Rock, Electronic

Sounds like

Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Norbert Oliviér

band members

Norbert Oliviér


Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Norbert Oliviér

Unearthed artists we like

GABRIEL PIRAS, The Raylenes, Yeo


Norbert Oliviér is everyone. He is that sleight of thought in your brain that makes you believe one more won't make you drunk, or that the traffic lights are actually changing because of you. Norbert Oliviér is the cake under the icing. He is the banana split under the pathetic glace`d cherry. If Samson were around, long locks and all, he would try to bring the whole mess down by taking out Norbert Oliviér. We don't want him. We may not like it. But we need Norbert Oliviér.