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Rock, Roots

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Kahlil, Jamie, Jon, Ollie


Days Of The New, Jeff Lang, Alice In Chains, John Butler Trio, Kim Churchill



Northbourne Flats are just a bunch of best friends from Canberra trying to navigate the tricky world of love, death, and moving out of your parents place before the age of 25. They're tired of the old cliches of rock bands getting drunk, getting laid and being all macho. "Why would you do that?" they ask, "When instead, you could get up early, shake your life partner firmly by the hand, make some rad tunes with your friends and ponder life. Like.. do you ever think about why the only time you've seen your old man cry in the 20 odd years you've known him was when he got drunk watching The Shawshank Redemption?" Northbourne Flats thinks about it.

Since 2015, Northbourne Flats have developed a unique package of original art, first class recordings and raucous live shows, and have performed along side the likes of Young Monks, The Tipsy Scholars, Borneo and Jack Biilman.