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Sounds like

Between The Buried And Me, Dream Theater, Haken, The Contortionist, Machine Head, Twelve Foot Ninja

band members

Shannon Marston: Vocals, Max Palizban: Guitars & Back Vocals, Josh Fox: Bass, Giuliano Macri: Drums


Meshuggah, Dream Theater, Machine Head, Pantera, Twelve Foot Ninja



Nucleust are a progressive metal band from Perth, Australia who strive to deliver what can be classified as heavy odd music comprising of unpredictable combinations of metal riffs and motives. Having been inspired by a diverse range of genres from Classical Music to Doom/Goth Metal, from Thrash to Death Metal, and from Jazz to Progressive Rock/Metal, Nucleust creates music, which is a reflection of what is happening in the real world through their own screaming critique, backed by a distinctive sound of extreme 7 & 6 string guitar riffs, massive crunchy bass sounds and groovy heavy drum patterns.

"Nucleust are a band that showcase a great and honest sound. It might be loud and abrasive at times, but it’s clearly on point" - Prog-Sphere

Since forming in 2013 the band have released 2 EP's - "Fractured Equilibrium" in 2014 and "Resistivity" in 2016 and a full length album "Terra Cerebral" in 2017, which have all received praise from fans and the media including extensive national radio play. The video for "Of King And Tree" received air time on Australia’s cult music show "Rage" with the track going on to the Western Australia 2016/2017 Heavy Metal song of the year award.

"‘Terra Cerebral’, is a truly great Australian metal record with all the right level of polish to make Nucleust a band to take note and appreciate in this great country of world conquering talent." - Overdrive Magazine

Nucleust are actively touring with shows all across Australia and internationally including Asia and Europe. Having shared the stage with many local bands, they have also supported internationally renowned acts such as Soilwork, Lacuna Coil, Voyager and Haken as well as having toured with the likes of Aussie prog heroes Twelve Foot Ninja and US death metal titans Six Feet Under.
With immense plans for the future, Nucleust will continue their journey of producing inspiring, heavy and thought provoking music…