Artist info


Indie, Rock

band members

Tim Morrison, Mikey Chan, Lucas Taranto, Matt Bray


Numanic Art is the latest exciting project kick-started by Tim Morrison of Trial Kennedy fame. “It’s exactly what it says it is,” says Tim of the band and its name. “The process and the product. It’s new, it’s manic, and hopefully, it’s art!” Reflecting that anthemic, soulful sound beloved by fans the world over, its name is also drawn from Trial Kennedy’s acclaimed debut, New Manic Art. Acknowledging the influences of lyrical alt-rock legends like Jeff Buckley but pushing into new and unexpected directions for contemporary audiences, Tim aims to do for real guitar rock with Numanic Art what Amy Winehouse did for white soul with her acclaimed smash hit Back to Black. ​ “I would never claim a revolution – but its an evolution for sure,” says Tim, of drawing on the classic music that first inspired him to make his own, and reimagining it in powerful and relevant ways to connect with a new generation of fans. “I hope Numanic Art is the melody to that moment you feel helpless, lost or alone. That it’ll be playing when you first discover you aren’t.” ​ And you can hear how Numanic Art does just that in A New Morning, the unforgettable first track from their debut self-titled Album, to be released 2018 as Tim sings, “Like a starving garden, lay a grain for change tomorrow, free the garden starving.” So come on in, satisfy your hunger and meet your next favourite band: Numanic Art.