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Electronic, Indie, Pop

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Anna Maynard



Nuria is the stage name of Tasmanian indie pop, singer-songwriter, Anna Maynard.

Exploring deepest desires, loneliness and the mystery of existence, Nuria’s keyboard-based tunes have a moody and atmospheric quality, blended with soaring vocals and catchy beats.

Classically trained in singing and piano, Nuria’s music centres around voice and keys, textured with electronic and synthetic sounds bringing new depth to her former more acoustic style.

In 2014, Anna Maynard released her debut album Growing Daisies in 2014, which was featured on local and national radio, and has performed in venues and festivals throughout Australia. Nuria was born after Maynard took a break from performing allowing introspection and a deeper sound to emerge.

“Ache” is the first song to be revealed in the captivating new sound of Nuria.