Artist info


Indie, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Nirvana, Verruca Salt, Hole, Spiderbait

band members

Trinity Hunt - Vox/Keys Bridie Omalley - Guitar Seb Fischer - Bass/Vox Jett Willey - Drums Angus B-T - Guitar


King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizzard, Courtney Barnett, Nirvana, Verruca Salt, Hole, Spiderbait


Nurse Ratchet are a 5 piece indie grunge outfit hailing from Torquay and surrounds. Their grimy, noisy yet melodic tunes stand out in a haze of prosaic pop. Nurse Ratchet combine elements of garage rock primitive with delicate indie tones, giving birth to a smooth sound with rough edges.