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Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

missy higgins, John mayer, Sara barbells, tina arena

band members

Nyssa Ray


Tina Arena, John mayer

Unearthed artists we like

Andrea Kirwin, Jason Fichera



Nyssa Ray Bio
Nyssa Ray is one talented woman! She is a singer songwriter/music composer, producer and mixer/one woman band. Nyssa is based In the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. She first fell completely in love with music when she was a bump in her mothers belly. Her mother was a singer in a covers band in 1980’s and now tells the story of how Nyssa would kick in time with the drum kit during every gig. Nyssa learned piano as her first instrument and began singing along to Tina Arena into a hair brush microphone when was 5. Now She is a multi-instrumentalist and just like Tina Arena, is a little ‘pocket rocket’.
But don’t Let Nyssa’s petite stature and cute ringlets fool you, this girl’s voice has a power you don’t want to miss. Once Nyssa taught herself guitar, drums and bass her musical influences extended to the likes of John Mayer, Keith Urban and Missy Higgins. This year is the year of her debut album ‘Worth The Wait’ which she collaborated with wife and Australian author Dr Rebecca Ray, friend Adam Brown and Grammy-Award winning engineer John Hudson. Nyssa has performed at festivals such as Blues On Broad Beach, Caloundra Music Festival and Buskers By The Creek and her music’s got radio play on stations such as SEAFM, MIXFM and ABC Sunshine Coast. You might have also seen Nyssa singing for a chair to turn on ‘The Voice’ back in 2016. She is currently spreading her passion for music from the stage to the her recording studio. Now only recording, producing an mixing her own music, she also works with other local bands and artists to get their music out into the world and composes music and produces for podcast, film & TV snd other video projects under her audio brand ‘Nyssa Ray Recordings’.
Live or recorded, you’ll be captivated by the narrative and authenticity flowing every performance. Unable to refuse the unspoken invitation to share in life’s curiosities as experienced through Nyssa’s musical eyes.