Artist info


Metal, Punk

Sounds like

Parkway Drive, I killed the prom queen, Day of contempt, Shot point blank,Pure Instinct, Buried alive, Evergreen Terrace, Bleeding through, Terror, Stick To Your Guns

band members

Vocals - Elijah Sapolu Guitar - Josh Sellin Bass - Jack Mathews


Parkway Drive,Terror, Stick to your guns, Knocked Loose, Carpathian, Shot Point Blank, I killed the prom queen, Comeback Kid



Ocean Shores is a Hardcore band with members from Sunshine Coast, North Brisbane & Gold Coast Formed in late 2019, reprising of members Elijah Sapolu, Josh Sellin, Jack Mathews. Ocean Shores have released their deput EP “One foot in the grave” at the end of 2020 the EP is Drawing influences from abrasive old school metalcore as well as chaotic hardcore bands blended with modernised sound. If you enjoyed the sounds of the early 2000era, Ocean Shores will deliver and they’re definitely making a stamp in the Brisbane scene.