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Dance, Electronic, Indie, Pop, Roots

Sounds like

Little Dragon, Lapalux, Chet Faker, Peaches, Mount Kimbi

band members

Sarah Taylor


Johnny Cash, Little Dragon, Lapalux, Chet Faker, Mount Kimbi



Learned to play piano from the age of 3, learned to sing too when I was young (not like Beyonce or anything...) , was a breakbeat DJ breifly in the Sydney Breaks scene for a short time in the 2000s... you probably never heard of me... its OK, I put out a mix tape and kinda stopped for a while. I got really into song writing when a few things in my life changed a few years back which bought everything I learned over the years. I've made some good tunes and some really bad ones, self taught myself some further instruments to create sound more than master technique.

This is a my passion and I don't care for fame, I want to share my musical point of view with you and hope you get something out of it for sharing your time with me.