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Sounds like

Majestic Britney Spears

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Olivia Ivy May Barker


Broods, Hayden James, Lana Del Rey, BANKS

Unearthed artists we like

KIAN, Flume, Mallrat



Olivia I Barker is a Gold Coast based abstract painter and digital artists turned singer/songwriter. Growing up listening to 90’s pop and R’N’B, she combines both famous pop and contemporary electro sounds to create a hybrid of new age pop music. This hybrid theme, combining old school and new school, is something that Olivia has experimented with through her contemporary art, music production, lyrics and her own personal style. She particularly has fascinations in Old Hollywood and Pop Art, and is strongly influenced by her education in Fine and Contemporary Art.

Constantly creating, Olivia’s main inspiration for all mediums is her own life experiences and emotions as a young woman. Her lyrics in particular can be interpreted by different characters in all different types of life experiences.

Her first single “Grey Again” is a classic pop breakup song about too much partying and not enough connection – this is the perspective listeners generally hear when listening to the song. In fact, “Grey Again” was written about Olivia’s poor and dependent relationship with alcohol. With her lyrics she disguises the alcohol presence with a “bad boy” antagonist. This song gives the listener the opportunity to turn the antagonist into someone or something that suits their current lives. Olivia writes songs with the intention of being anthems for anyone that may need them.