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Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock, Roots

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Melodic pop, rock, funk and folk. From The Beatles and Crowded House to AC/DC, Rolling Stones, The Who, OASIS, The Kinks, Band Of Horses, Jet, JJ Cale, Springsteen

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Ben Wintle plays all instruments (except guitar solo on "Let Loose On The Weekend"), does all the singing, wrote the songs, produced and engineered this album, it is called "Home Time!".


It's a really wide mix, I'd love to hear who you think the influences are.

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Kat Edwards, The Teskey Brothers



OMAZONE (Ben Wintle) is a Melbourne, Australia based independent, musician, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. "Home Time!" is his debut solo album released in 2017. It's a diverse album that traverses musical styles such as rock, pop, funk, blues and folk.

“I love a wide variety of musical styles, so I wanted this album to contain a wide variety of styles, using different instruments, rhythms and percussion on each song. Every vocal was to be delivered and recorded differently, with a wide variety of backing vocals to make each song very distinct.

After playing my first shows in primary school, years of playing live in original/covers bands, some touring interstate and studio recording I decided to take some time out from work and write, record and produce a solo album.

We never get enough time at home and it’s the best time of the day so the album is called “Home Time!”. Paul McCartney once said he wished he could write a song about the ozone layer, but nothing rhymed with "ozone". I thought to myself, why not add an additional syllable - and came up with "OMAZONE"! It had to be rhymed with "chromazone" and so the funky tune: “Omazone Chromazone Blues” was born (Track Three).

"OMAZONE" is a unique word, so after a vote with friends and family, I decided to make this my artist name”. Track One and Track Ten on teh album which you can find on:

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Track One and Ten on the album use only cigar box guitars home made by my brother, that include a twelve string, a six string, four string and a cigar box bass!

On this album all instruments are arranged and played by B Wintle, except Track Two, which includes a ripping guitar solo played by the amazing and talented Bryan Dodge. All songs were written by B Wintle, except Track Eight where the words are by B Wintle, the music was written by B Wintle and Aaron Russell. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by B Wintle.