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Sounds like

Prolapsed Bum Bums, Maroon Clive, Darcy Friedmans Fall From Grace

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Keegan Turner


Christy Flanagan, Masturb8ing, Good Evening Trent



I sometimes go by the musical alias "Omelette" although it is not my real name, nor is it the name of any serious musical project I would ever consider being a part of. My real name is Keegan Turner and I am not an omelette, I am a man. Another excellent example of a man is a man named Trent Reznor and if he can be singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer of NIN, then I can be all of that and more in Omelette. As can you. WELCOME TO THE OMELETTE! Just wait on the doorstep and I'll let you in after I finish my wank.