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Indie, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Karnivool, Grinspoon

band members

Matt Wells Sam Widlake-Briggs Ava Grandison Caleb Quartermaine


System, Rage, Incubus, Deftones, Karnivool

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Energetic rock songs, with quirky lyrics and an explosive sound... Look no further. ONE ARMED SCISSOR has you covered!

One Armed Scissor members Matt Wells, Sam Widlake-Briggs, Ava Grandison and Caleb Quartermaine had been involved in multiple bands separately throughout the Australian music scene, before coming together in 2012. Now with a more mature and technically enhanced rock sound, OAS powered through the Perth music scene with energetic live performances that leave audiences buzzing.

Want to know more about OAS? Glace over the below reviews, and you tell me watching a lead singer kicking a monitor off of the stage in the middle of a performance doesn't perk your interest!

"Hard rockers, One Armed Scissor exploded on stage with bounds of energy and the ability to match it. To summarize the performance to just one word; polished. Faultless man and woman two part harmonies bounded around the basements walls whilst a lead vocalist that mirrored that of Incubus front man Brandon Boyd cut through the mix. Throwing in covers of Spiderbait’s You’re Fucking Awesome and an amped up rendition of The Beatles’ Drive My Car for good measure, the set was conclusively impressive."
Mitchell Withers - Drum Media

"First on the bill was the headlining band’s good friends, One Armed Scissor. These guys have boundless energy, so much of it that frontman Matt Wells lost his lip ring and kicked a monitor off the stage. It’s not as if they can’t play though. Songs like Mr Cigarette and Windmill show the strong vocal interplay between Wells and bassist Ava Grandison. A turbo-charged cover of The Beatles’ classic Drive My Car was very well received, and the cover of Blur’s Song 2 created an instant moshpit. An unusually large crowd was there to watch the first act, and it’s easy to see why."
Chris Martin - Perth Sound & Found

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