Artist info



Sounds like

muse, red hot chili peppers, David Bowie

band members

Jake Kiely - Vocals, Joshua Kiely - Guitar, Jonas Kiely - Bass, Joe Learmont - Guitar, Caleb Kiely - Drums.


red hot chili peppers, David Bowie, muse


A melding of the influence of such legendary artists as Dylan, Bowie, RHCP, The Mars Volta, Muse, radiohead and Fair to Midland, along with a fascination of space and all things unusual gave birth to the space/rock/funk band entitled One Good Suggestion. An early self-recorded album “Sun Sky Bizzo” captured a relatively small but devoted fan base. The next album; “The Thomas Eilian Observatory” was actually mixed by mixing legend Michael Stavrou who described it as the most intense music he had ever heard and expressed a desire to record the band himself. The fruits of this recording are soon to be presented in the form of a 3-song EP entitled “Cut the Line”. The title track can be heard right here…it wont dissapoint.