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Rock, Roots

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jsbx, pj harvey, the black keys

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Sasha Ion - vocals/baritone guitar, Ronan Charles - rhodes piano, Stuart Leach - drums


jsbx, pj harvey, the black keys


You could be forgiven for thinking Perth has forgotten how to rock, judging by its polished pop acts dominating Australian airwaves, but you need look no further than the aptly named OneHorseTown to see there's a new sheriff about... From the ground up, OHT are redefining the rock trio, with baritone guitar (Sascha Ion), swampy Rhodes piano (Ronan Charles) and concussive percussion (Stuart Leach) the weapons of choice for a fat rock sound that drives without speeding and does away with obligatory guitar solos - capped with Ion's versatile, head-turning vocals.The unusual musical arrangement is highlighted on sixfeetofsnow, title track from their first full length LP, opening with a light, open feel before breaking out with more rumbling bottom end than the Titanic's boiler room, without a bass guitar in sight.The unique but broad appeal of the band's swampy, stoner sound has seen the band chosen for a wide variety of supports, including End of Fashion, Emmiliana Torrini and their forthcoming national tour with Little Birdy.Mastered by Roger Seibel (Jon Spenser Blues Explosion, Tortoise) OneHorseTown's debut album comes snapping at the heels of Information, the single that earned the band the 2005 WA Music Industry Rock Song of the Year.OHT have just signed a national distribution deal with Inertia (Mars Volta, Tortoise, Iggy Pop and The Stooges), and sixfeetofsnow will be available at all good record stores and available online at 2 more songs from this album have been nominated in the 2006 WA Industry Rock Song of the Year and Love Song of the Year categories. The band has just released a video clip for the upcoming single Havana,(september 2006).



13 Dec 2007

Super Reviewer

It starts really...

It starts really well with some pleasant vocals, accompanied by nice and soft keyboard and it really shoots up into that rocky element well. However, once the guitar kicks in, there seems to be a struggle between it and the keyboard, so much so that the keyboard actually seems out of place.

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12 May 2007


e Horse Town...

e Horse Town' have been pounding their raw heavy rock sounds, complimented perfectly with the unique awesome cries, howls and purrs coming from the distinct voice of Sascha Ion (that which only 'Scout Niblett' I could ever compare with, who I discovered years later). It's almost like the kind of sound I expected from 'Boss Hog' back in the day, when the 'Jon Spencer Blues Explosion' were influencing their sound - but I gotta say that Christina Martinez would have had her crowd expecting a lot more, if only 'One Horse Town' were around back then to act as their support, or I should say rather, the headline act. Sadly tonight was there second last gig, now that Sascha is finally spreading her ever so patient wings across over to Melbourne - where no doubt she will certainly make a dent in the music industry over there. But alas, I always knew it wouldn't be too long, before the token novelty of having such a fine 'unrecognised' local band grace us with their perfect sound so regularly for years, would eventually be just too good to to be true. Fingers crossed though, that her inevitable 'popularity' over east, may eventually be the very reason for her to return to gigging at our local pubs again... (though next time it'll be a regular packed audience and triple the door entry fee!) ;)

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19 Feb 2007


I think this is ...

I think this is great stuff, from one of my favourite, undiscovered Perth bands. Sacha's voice is dark and powerful, the melding of the guitar, drums and keys make this an original and interesting track.

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