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Indie, Punk

Sounds like

Gyroscope, Mere Theory & Def Leppard, A mix between After The Fall

band members

Stephen McGrath - vocals/guitar Jeremy Gryst - guitar/vocals Travis Wright - drums Dame Slattey - bass


acdc, Front End Loader, INXS & Van Halen

Unearthed artists we like

A Decade Forgotten , Lost In Line , Bagster


With a promise to stay true to their Aussie roots, THE OPEN SEASON have slogged it out on stages since 2004 to earn their reputation as one of Adelaide's most polished, and breathtaking up and coming live acts. The Open Season is at the forefront of the new generation of young Australian rock bands! The Open Season have moulded a sound like no other. Infectious and sincere Australian vocals blended with screams and harmonies, and crafted in with punchy beats and powerful guitar hooks. THE OPEN SEASON have played alongside the likes of Gyroscope, Motioncity Soundtrack, Matchbook Romance, Mere Theory, After The Fall, Lagwagon, Kisschasy, In The Grey, Forgetting Yesterday, Angela's Dish, STR, Bullet The Blue Sky, Straylight Run, Sunset Avenue, Trial Kennedy, Horsell Common, The Hot Lies, The Getaway Plan, Bagster and Unpaid Debt. CHASE, their acclaimed debut EP, sold out the first pressing in a mere four months and topped the SA Music charts! CHASE was voted by Australia as one of Triple Js Short Fast Loud Top 40 releases of 2005. Check out The Open Season & see why reviewers have hyped Chase as one of the greatest Aussie emotive post hardcore punk releases ever! "The Open Season really seem to know what they're doing, and what they're doing is leading a substanial change" BLUNT MAGAZINE Aussie patriotic punk rock is an apt title for The Open Season and these guys are leading others into an Australian music battle. RALPH Magazine "Adelaides The Open Season is finally the band thatll bring out the Aussie patriotic punk in all of us here, and for all of you internationally, brace yourselves for one of the greatest Aussie emotive post hardcore punk releases ever!" RATING: 100 MEANTIME ZINE



17 Sep 2007


Great song, actu...

Great song, actually genuine music. Not just predictable scream here, scream there music that Adelaide has adopted & all the little kiddies flock too. These guys are also great live

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21 Oct 2006


The best track o...

The best track on this EP by far!! Strong melody and guitar lines are interwoven with punchy breaks to create a song that is both well structured and highly addictive. TOS need to write more songs like this!

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14 Oct 2006


Top stuff !! Gre...

Top stuff !! Great riffs, Great vocals, Great shows

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