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Dance, Electronic

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Funkadelic Bass

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OPIUO - Writer / Producer


Life, People, Fun



Imagine a precisely blended concoction of tight irresistible grooves, chunk fueled bouncy beats, luscious brooding soundscapes, and a bowl of scrumptious glitch. Welcome to the musical world of Opiuo. A self confessed music addict with a light hearted approach to life and art. Opiuo is at his best whilst hiding from the world, creating fun fueled music. Influences coming from everything, from life changing experiences, to mere cups of tea. Incorporating sounds as varied as jazz, reggae, funk, rock, psychedelia, and down right chunky goodness. Originally from New Zealand, he now resides in Melbourne, where he has built an international reputation for his party fueling creations, and has been invited to play LIVE at major festivals and clubs all over Australasia. His music, now highly sought after, is rocking dance floors throughout the globe... Stand up, shake down, and get ready for a right ol stomp. FREE EP @


Review by Lachie Macara Lachie Macara

04 Mar 2016

Triple J

Adam Freeland v Club Cheval

Adam Freeland v Club Cheval