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Indie, Pop, Roots

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Powderfinger, INXS

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Original Gray and assorted musicians...


Colin Hay, Glenn Hansard, The Finn Brothers, Waterboys, U2, Passenger, ACDC, INXS, Beatles



Gray Sanders aka Original Gray is a West Australian based independent musician living in Perth, WA.

A singer-songwriter 'Original Gray' is an artist of various tones and shades. Meaningful lyrically and melodic musically, Original Gray attempts to resonate with his audience and create a journey from inception to conclusion as a song smith, so that songs evoke healing through rhythm and harmony.

“Music is my life blood and it's how I express who and where I am emotionally to process things and in doing that, I hope my music helps other people find comfort through some shared experience.” Original Gray

'Urban Camouflage' is Original Gray's new single written by Original Gray
Music Produced by Noah Shilkin, Lolly Box Music
Recorded at Sundown Studios, Engineer Elliot Smith
Mastered by William Bowden, King Willy Sound
Music Video Produced by Lauren Fleay of Hand Made Productions

Original Gray’s first and only release to date hit the airwaves in NZ in 2001 under his band name The Believers, and appeared on a NZ On Air Hit Disk alongside artists such as Annie Crummer, Eddie Rayner and Neil Finn and 20 years later, having written and performed continually he makes his first solo release in Australia.

“Life just is as life does, and I always felt like a leaf in the wind honestly,” says OG. “Music is forever present, it just never seemed to have the space to be my time, despite working with many incredible artists in NZ, from hosting weekly songwriter nights to running larger music events over years – sometimes silence helps us hear.”

Following a move to Perth, a sea change and Covid-19, space appeared, and with-it Original Gray. I hope you enjoy... EP 'Home by the Sea' due for release in 2021.

'Urban Camouflage' streaming on all platforms Spotify, Apple Music from 23/10/20..., originalgraymusic on all socials fb, insta, youtube