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Oscar Lush Liam Vaughan Liam Gough


Steve Gunn, Alynda Lee Segarra, Townes Van Zandt, Joni Mitchell, A.A. Bondy, Bob Dylan, Willy Tea Taylor



"His gothic lyricism and deep tones recall Johnny Cash, so too his rustic folk, strumming rich, open chords from alternate tunings, complete with Dylan-worthy lashes of harmonica" — Al Newstead, Tone Deaf

"Lush is a revelation who seems excitingly out of place...Songs jerk along with slashing strums and a voice made for filling big old rooms and fire-lit shacks. I Dreamt Of My Brother Dying ... is breathtaking in its lyrical acuity, marking him as a major discovery." — Andy Hazel, TheMusic,

"The focus, as it should be here, is directed at the storytelling. While the harmonica, strings and other such instruments supplement his oral poignancy with beauty, Lush’s strength is all in his words." — Corey Tonkin, The Rogue