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Indie, Pop

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Ed Sheeran, Mumford and Sons, Passenger, Matt Corby, Vance Joy

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Oskar Proy


Ed Sheeran, Mumford and Sons, Eminem, Matt Corby, Allen Stone, Passenger, Vance Joy

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Oskar Proy is a young emerging Artist who’s songs come from the heart.

Music and singing have been the centre of Oskar’s life for as long as he can remember.
Although Oskar’s love for music was always apparent, it all really kick started in primary school where he was given the initial encouragement by his Music Teacher ‘Groovy’ to sing in front of others. Since then, throughout the years Oskar has performed in many school productions (Primary and High School) and started busking in Year 8 (has busked ever since). Oskar believes that busking is one of the best things a developing Artist could ever do as, “It gives you a free space to practise and harness your craft in front of the public, and you learn how to control the fear of singing/performing in front of others, so that you can feel more in control when it really counts”.
You may remember Oskar from the Voice Australia 2018 where he sang a Spanish song (Asturias Patria Querida) for his Abuela (who has advanced Dementia). Because of this, Oskar had the privilege to go and sing in Spain in Asturias (where his Abuela is from). In this time Oskar sang at the big international Canoe Race in Asturias called ‘Las Piraguas’ and also at many other occasions for the two weeks he was there, including in the town square of the city Gijon (in Asturias).

Every song Oskar has ever written comes from the experiences that have made a big impact on his life. His dream is to be able to make music and share these stories with the rest of the world, in hope that they can relate and be apart of this journey with him.