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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Jeff Buckley, Jellyfish, Radiohead

band members

David Adams – Lead Vocals, Keys & Michael Godde – Vocals, Bass, Clarinet & Lauren Bell – Flute, Vocals & Nelson Piccin – Lead Drums & Jonathan Dreyfus – Electric Violin, Guitar, Vocals & Jaron Mulholland – Guitar, Vocals & Kelly O'Donnohue – Trumpet, Trombone & Kat Ades – Bass, Vocals & Sebastian White – Lead Percussion


Radiohead, The Beatles, David Bowie, Flaming Lips, Mars Volta



Oh Lordy is a big ol’ hard rocker - a bit like a less nostalgic Rival Sons, with that blend of soulful vocals and big, stylish riffage. Team Rock

Other Animals are set to release their debut UK single ‘Oh Lordy’ on December 9th 2016

The band who hail from Melbourne, Australia bled big choruses with heartfelt emotion and soaring vocals which makes you think they drink from the same well of invention to the likes of Radiohead and Jeff Buckley. ‘Oh Lordy’ is a perfect sentiment to that with its roaring melodies and crushing guitars.

The record (due out next year) is to be a stellar showcase of the band’s unique production, arranging orchestral flutes, violins, clarinets and trumpets against a theatrical rhythm section and monstrous rock vocals.

“Other Animals take the audience through a bizarre, yet touching set with songs of loss, anarchistic rants and psychedelic adventures; they capture what it is to be an open-minded individual who is sick of pop music — sick of disingenuous, formula-based, crowd-pleasing music.” Dave Adams, Singer

Other Animals are: Dave – vocals, keys, Mikey – vocals, bass, clarinet, Loz – flute, vocals, White Lightning – electric violin, guitar, vocals, Jaron – guitar, vocals, - Kat – bass, vocals, Kelly – trumpet, trombone, Nelson – lead drums, Sebastian – lead percussion.

The band are currently confirming UK shows/festivals for next year.


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

20 Jun 2017

Triple J

This one's inhabited by a grandiose spirit, a bit like a haunted old speakeasy out in the badlands.

This one's inhabited by a grandiose spirit, a bit like a haunted old speakeasy out in the badlands.