Artist info


Pop, Indie

Sounds like

melting, pot, pop

band members

Hazel Brown - vocals, guitar, Martha Brown - vocals, keys, Kishore Ryan - drums and cookware.


four tet, bjork, jolie holland

Unearthed artists we like

Kid Sam, PSUCHE, Ainslie Wills


Otouto is a Melbourne-based band that is centered on the music of talented young songwriter Hazel Brown. With the help of Kishore Ryan (Kid Sam, Seagull) on drums/pots and Martha Brown on vocals and keys, the trio create a unique take on popular music, whose influence lies in salt of the earth folk tradition, the soul music of Motown and Philadelphia and those working at the edges of today's melting pot of pop, folk, electronica and hip-hop. Hazel Brown released her debut LP Rivers and Veins (produced by Nick Huggins) in 2006 and the ensuing shows saw her come together with Martha and Kishore as her band. Subsequently new music has been developed with the influence and direction of all three, the band evolving to become Otouto. Otouto have received generous support from independent radio such as PBS and RRR and have been featured in the The Age Melbourne Magazine, Beat, Inpress and Otouto have gone on to play at the Queenscliff Music Festival, Darebin Music Festival, Melodica Festival and the Melbourne International Film festival, as well as various supports and headline shows around Melbourne and Sydney. Their live shows have been described as "endearing... something to watch for" (Kitty Walker - Inpress) and their music "ecstatic, warm, melancholic and honest" (Chris Bolton - Seagull). Otouto are currently working on a new record with Nick Huggins due for release in 2009.