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Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Unknown Mortal Ochestra, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Frank Ocean, Ball Park Music, San Cisco

band members

Otto Zagala


Learning how to Yo-Yo, Ukulele classes, our lord and saviour Kevin Parker, Not wanting to do IB, Having a cold but still going to gigs, being sad that there arent 7/11's in South Australia



Preceding his debut single, Otto Lastname has Performed to crowds of over 15,000 and has a string of shows to knock your socks off in the new year. He knows the sound he wants to share with his music, and has a strong vision of how his music should make you feel. Combining deadpan lyrics with emotive themes, his sound reflects his own relationships.
With a compelling aesthetic, it is hard to tell the difference between Otto’s visuals and a Wes Anderson film. Otto takes inspiration from a dynamic set of artists, emulating the likes of Frank Ocean, MGMT, and San Cisco.
His live sets are pulled together through a loop pedal, composing the song live in a responsive sonic creative process to create a deep, immersive, and ambient experience for the listener.
Otto is an experienced performer,a seasoned creative, and an active part of the Adelaide music scene.