Artist info



Sounds like

Necrophagist, Dethklok, Behemoth

band members

Evgeny Linnik, Chris Jones, Michael Conti, David Horgan


psycroptic, Death, Decapitated

Unearthed artists we like

Psycroptic, Claim The Throne


OUROBOROS (pronounced OR-oh-BOR-us) is a thrash/tech-death band based in Sydney, Australia. In 2007 OUROBOROS self-released and distributed a (now sold out) four track EP titled "A Path to Extinction". This release was followed by 2 music videos which have aired extensively on national television in Australia. The EP and accompanying videos have been instrumental in promoting the band's music to metal audiences worldwide. OUROBOROS has been playing live since mid 2007 and have gained an extensive fan base. Touring highlights include support slots on Morbid Angel's 2011 Australian Tour, Cannibal Corpse's 2009 Australian tour, Psycroptic's "ObServant" Australian tour and the Australian Summer Slaughter Tour with Necrophagist, Dying Fetus, Aborted and The Faceless. In 2009 OUROBOROS was nominated for 5 awards in the first ever AUSTRALIAN METAL AWARDS. Against some staggering competition, OUROBOROS took home 3 awards including Best Unsigned Band, Best Bassist and Best Drummer. OUROBOROS are now preparing to embark on an Australian tour to launch their debut album "Glorification of a Myth" beginning in June 2011.