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Sounds like

Tame impala, pink floyd, radiohead

band members

David Kalkman Duane Manning Timothy Neal Danny Smith


Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Can, Tame Impala

Unearthed artists we like

Rapid Transit, New Swine '95, A Lonely Crowd



Since their inception four years ago, Melbourne's The Ovals have staked out a unique niche in the city's bustling live scene, hitting a chord with punters and critics alike. The Ovals explode the psychedelic rock canon; fusing it with progressive rock sensibilities alongside a deeply considered musicality. Informed by the artistic practice of such musical revolutionaries as Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Can and Tool; The Ovals' kaleidoscopic dreamscapes are both intoxicating and visceral, taking the listener into ranging musical terrains and invoking a sense of wonder and the big picture. The Ovals have built upon and expanded on their previous effort, 2009's Innerspace, to create an EP of singular vision and addictive appeal. The labor of over a year of writing, Into The Eyes Of Those That Sleep is a four-track marvel of painstakingly crafted progressive psychedelic rock.