Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

The Weakerthans, The Lemonheads

band members

Ben Soedradjit-Vocals, Dale Townsend-Bass, Josh Barton-Drums, Geoff Mullard-Guitar


The Weakerthans, Bad Religion, The Lemonheads


The Overcast formed in October 2006 at RTN Studios Newcastle NSW, and played their first show in early December '06 with a line-up consisting of Ben Soedradjit- Vocals/Guitar, Dale Townsend-Bass/Vocals Geoff Mullard-Guitar/Vocals, Josh Barton-Drums/Cymbals who are all aged between 21-36 and boast 30+ years of performing/touring/recording experience between them earned whilst doing time in, Conation, Cabin Fever, Sandpaper, Lights Out Berlin, Pornskas, Dragstrippers, Faster Than Falling and Scarlet Fever to name a few. Musically the band incorporates a mix of rock, country, pop, indie and punk using vocal harmonies and heart felt lyrics written from experience and sung with conviction, drawn from too many influences to mention. Since the first outing the band has recorded a 5 track demo and played a handfull of shows, as well as one in sydney, all to good responses, and is now busy writing, rehearsing and getting ready for future shows, tours and recordings.