Artist info


Rock, Metal

Sounds like

Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pantera

band members

Vocals -> Patrick 'Walshy' Walsh Guitars -> Chris Martin Guitars -> Todd 'Hyrule' Hilet Bass -> Jerome McKenzie Drums -> Daniel 'Razz' Berry


Soundgarden , Alice in Chains, Metallica


Foundations of the band started in late 2011 with original members Walshy, Chris, Jerome, Anthony and Berry. While studying at Box Hill TAFE, their love for metal and grunge music fused together into what is the band Overdoze. After some jams, long breaks, the departure of Anthony (still our brother) and the joining of Todd 'Hyrule' Hilet on shredding lead guitar, the band started moving forward in 2013 and have now begun assaulting eardrums live. Stay tuned for stuff!