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Owls of Neptune are a 4 piece rock band from The Sunshine Coast, Australia. Each member has been born with music in their soul to create and inspire.

On rhythm guitar and vocals Pete takes inspiration from The Beatles, Crowded House, Travis and in particular when it comes to writing songs John Lennon. Originally from Salford, UK Pete started writing at an early age and self taught guitar and piano. Hailing from the Phillipines is Jay, a self taught lead guitarist who recently shifted to playing bass and with a wide range of influences across all genres Jay adds character, depth and funk to Owls of Neptune. On drums we have Matt from Dunedin, NZ. Matt is self taught and takes inspiration from Led Zeps John Bonham. Also taking influence from Metallica and Black Sabbath Matt has played in numerous rock and progressive rock bands since his teens.
Todd completes the line up on lead guitar. Born and raised in the Newcastle area of Australia Todd is heavily influenced by The Cure, The Stone Roses and The Smiths to name but a few.

After all members dabbled in solo paths and other music ventures they eventually flew into each others path and connected to create Owls of Neptune.