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Pop, Punk

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Crazy Gav - Bass, Vocals. Psycho Miko - Guitar, Vocals. Robbo - Guitar, Vocals. Craig - Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals. Bruno - Drums, Vocals


Pixies, Bloodhound Gang, Guttermouth, Weezer, Screeching Weasel



Strong impact coarse language and/or themes

6 Jun

Pepper Tree

Adelaide, 5000

Aldinga, SA



Combining the sheer nastiness of a psychotic punk band with lush pop sensibility, THe PACKeTS niche includes catchy choruses, heavy yet quirky arrangements and lyrics that would make a sailor blush! Formed in 1997, originally based in Adelaide, THe PACKeTS moved to Queenslands Gold Coast in 2001 where they continued terrorising audiences with their tormented songs of joy until 2010 before moving back to Adelaide. They have recently completed recording their sixth release and have appeared on numerous compilation albums. They have shared the stage with bands such as Eskimo Joe, The Grates, Mach Pelican, Gerling, Cosmic Psycho's and toured with many Aussie acts including Regurgitator, Magic Dirt and Eddie Would Go. THe PACKeTS are currently showcasing live new material from their forthcoming mini-album, 'BAD PEOPLE' set for release November 15th 2019.
Check out the delightfully disturbing sounds of THe PACKeTS!