Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

liars, The Polyphonic Spree

band members

Jonathon McCarthy (Vocals, Organ, Guitars) Jordan Marson (Drums, Drum Loops, Vocals)


pierre schaeffer, Lakes, Steve Reich

Unearthed artists we like

The Bad Luck Charms, Jordy, Ivy St, Viva Computer


Paint Your Golden Face are a two-piece band based in Hobart, Tasmania. Jonathon and Jordan formed Paint Your Golden Face in July 2008. They have toured extensively, playing successful shows in Launceston, Melbourne, Sydney and overseas , with their first New Zealand tour in January 2009 including sets at the revered Camp A Low Hum festival in Wellington; their second in September 2009 with fellow locals Ivy St. Paint Your Golden Face recorded a three track single titled He Was Run Off The Road By His Amazing Face at The Winter Palace with Anthony Rochester in August 2008; their debut self-titled album, recorded by James Tulczyn, is out on independent Sydney label tenzenmen. ... "Here's a two-piece Dom and I bumped into on Unearthed that really know a thing about layers. In this post-Polyphonic Spree/Akron Family/Animal Collective age, where ultra-posi hyper harmony is not a dirty hyphenated descriptor, a few Australian kids are gathering tape loops and bass drums and chanting the night away with a touch of reverb. Paint Your Golden Face are Hobart-hatched, but presently pretty damn transient - playing some heavy show loads right round Australia, and very recently their second New Zealand tour. Notching up kilometres, and friends with likeminded approaches along the way - they've been one of the most productive young wholly independent bands I can think of this year, and very deserved of a back pat. Never two to stinge you of a wordy song title, their extended single He Was Run off the Road by his Amazing Face is kicking around right now, and features this corker 'Torrents of Water Subsumed their Villages' (as heard on JJJ Unearthed)." - Steph Hughes, Triple J’s ‘Home and Hosed’