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Sounds like

Band of Skulls, The Black Keys, Led Zeppelin, Humble Pie, The Black Crowes

band members

Johnston - Henwood - Licciardi - McGlinchey


Johnny Winter, Humple Pie, Jane's Addiction

Unearthed artists we like

The Delta Riggs, KINGSWOOD, Creek



Having spent their formative years storming stages in every corner of Australia, Palace Of The King took their finely-honed live show through Europe in October 2015. Armed with 2 EPs, a full-length vinyl LP and a second full-length studio album already recorded.

In 2016 the band unveiled Valles Marineris on 15th July 2016 (Europe/ UK) , Valles Marineris deepened Palace Of The King’s footprint on the international rock music scene by expanding on the “raw, energetic, imaginative and boundary-pushing” (Dedicated Rocker Society) qualities of their debut through an all-new 10 track collection of blues and psych-infused hard rock.
In support of the Valles Marineris album, POTK toured constantly throughout 2016/17 covering Europe as headliners and as guests with Airbourne, hitting America for the second time and multiple laps of Australia as headline and support act.

By 2018 the band had a new album – Get Right With Your maker – in the can, which was recorded between shows on the road. This epic new album (the bands most successful to date) was released to coincide with another tour of Europe, hitting 8 countries, and multiple laps around Australia.

Now in 2019, having just finished another national tour, and armed with a new single from a forthcoming new album, with dates in Australia, USA, and Europe, 2018/19 has been, and will be, Palace Of The King’s most productive year to date.