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Roots, Dance

Sounds like

Mulatu Astake, Budos Band

band members

Tully Sumner - Vox/Guitar, Ania Reynolds - Keyboards, Silas Gibson - Drums, Andre Lobanov - Bass, Pui - Percussion, Ben Street - Trumpet, Dave Henry - Trumpet, Matt Bird - Sa


Fela Kuti, Mulatu Astake, James Brown


After a random encounter at the City Baths in the barrios of Brunswick, and realizing a mutual appreciation for the divinity of thunder and lightning, the members of PAPA CHANGO commenced a lion hearted odyssey. The 9 headed beast strode forth into the world bearing beats for the people and bestowing upon them many great gifts ... With their forthcoming release 'THE MATADOR LP', (recorded at home of Melbourne funk & soul, Hope Street Studios,) Papa Chango weave dark threads of psychedelic soul into illuminated tapestries of afro infused funk.