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Hip Hop, Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

band members

Lauren Boomgardt (vox) Ben Walters (guitar) Nathan Price (bass) Chelsea Allen (drums)



Paris Plan is a new alt-soul/RnB collective based in Melbourne, Australia. The band showcases the combined powers of Lauren Boomgardt (vox), Ben Walters (guitars), Nathan Price (bass), and Chelsea Allen (drums).

Oh, My Head! is a sonic feast of fuzzed-out guitar, dirty lo-fi drums, deep bass, dreamy keys, and soaring vocals. This modern RnB jam expresses frustrations about the precarious state of the world, power imbalances, and feelings of ineffectuality, says vocalist/lyricist, Lauren Boomgardt:

“You know those nights when you're lying in bed awake, wondering why the world is so f@#ked? I wrote this song after having one of those nights, closely after the Australian Marriage Equality debate kicked into gear. […] The chorus is like a vocal headache and a raised middle finger to the leaders who allowed this to happen in the first place.”

2018 promises big things for the outfit, with a second single release slated for March 2018, and their EP launch in May.