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Sounds like

Queens of the stoneage, Royal blood, The White Stripes

band members

Dan D'Arcy Skarlett Saramore



Particles are a two-piece rock outfit, formed in Sydney, Australia in 2016. Comprising of Dan D’Arcy (Little Bastard, Nightowl) and Skarlett Saramore (Fait Accompli, She Rex and many others).
The band's sound is reminiscent of, and rooted in modern experimental modern rock, grunge and hard rock.

Particles first incarnation began with Dan playing alongside old friends Matt Mason and Lim Hoskins (DMAS guitarist and drummer) who formed a bluegrass/busking band called Nightowl that toured extensively, mainly around Europe. Upon return at a Nightowl gig, they met Johnny Took (DMAS) and soon after that, their collective interest in Bluegrass, led to the formation of Little Bastard. LB went on to receive rave reviews, national airplay, release an album, complete national tours and appearances at festivals such as: Peats Ridge, Falls Festival, Gumball, Cherry Rock, Party in The Paddock and The Hills are alive. After a huge break, Particles reformed with Skarlett as the drummer early 2017, already supporting Australian artists like Abbe May, The Bennies, Born Lion, The Cherry Dolls, Chasing Ghosts & many more.

With a few singles now under the belt, Particles have released their third single 'I don't get you' before releasing their debut EP 'Quark' November 12th.