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Metal, Punk

Sounds like

Municipal Waste, suicidal tendencies, SOD

band members

Michael Mitchard- Vocals Calvin Pavlidis- Guitar Cam Rust- Guitar Jackson Wright- Bass Josh Bainbridge- Drums


Megadeth, Bones Brigade, Gang Green


Formed out of the ashes of the disillusionment of the lack of light-hearted good times and 'avin a larf, Party Vibez are PMA filled thrashin' machine for GOOD TIMES! (this is the Japanese translation). Our mission, should you choose to accept it, is to bring together everybody, whether you are a hardcore kid, thrasher, metalhead, nerd, dweeb, bogan or ya mum for circle pits and stage dives. Legends of Gnarlia album review: Full album stream up on bandcamp: Buy some shit:

Unearthed in 2013


03 Feb 2013


Party Vibez

Party Vibez

Congratulations to our Soundwave 2013 winners!

These 5 lucky acts will be taking the stage at Soundwave 2013.



Reviewed by Lochlan Watt Lochlan Watt

19 Jan 2013

Triple J

This band is most excellent. Definitely vibin'

This band is most excellent. Definitely vibin'