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Metal, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Pearl Jam, Tool

band members

Zach Eather - Vox/Guitar Nick Keogh-Peel - Drums Eric Moors - Lead Guitar Tom Logan - Bass


Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, Metallica, Kings of Leon, Opeth, Pearl Jam, Nirvana

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Matilda Red



Delivering a compelling blend of diverse musical styles, Brisbane Rock four-piece Patient Lounge (formerly known as Therapist) masterfully craft a combination of innovative instrumentation, dominant vocals and zealous energy to offer a fresh spin on Aussie Progressive Rock/Prog Pop-Rock music.

Formed as Therapist in 2016, and debuting as Patient Lounge in 2019, the band presents a unique fusion of classic rock, prog, jazz, death metal and modern pop influences to produce intricate songs with a captivating groove, incorporating pop sensibilities in progressive rock tracks. The rhythm section of Nick Keogh (Matilda Red) on Drums and Tom Logan (Internal Devour/Inhailed) on Bass creates a distinctive pulse that is layered with vocalist/guitarist Zach Eather’s powerful melodies and Eric Moors’ (Amicable Treason) lead guitar prowess.

Across the last two years, the band have brought their high energy, entertaining stage presence and raw charm to acclaimed Brisbane venues including The Triffid, The Zoo, Woolly Mammoth, Crowbar, Black Bear Lodge, Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall and Prince of Wales Hotel; having shared the stage with acts such as Smoking Martha, Port Royal, Mass Sky Raid, He Danced Ivy and Flynn Effect.

After the release of their self-produced EP ‘Therapist’ in 2018, Patient Lounge will be releasing their debut single ‘All You Want’ on 19 April 2019, and will be showcasing their meticulously cohesive and fiercely engaging live show interstate as they embark on their first tour across May/June 2019. ‘All You Want’ is a song of desire for more, with an evolving pop/rock/prog-rock sound that serves as a fitting representation of the distinct variety that Patient Lounge has to offer.

“The arrangement of their songs are enticing and intoxicating, their timings fluid and deftly executed.”
(scenestr, 2018)

“Alternative rock meets pop, perfectly enhanced by classic rock lead guitar work, a ferocious rhythm section and a whiskey-tinted husky vocal, adding character and originality to this beautiful concoction.”
(Insert Review Here, 2018)

“Brisbane rockers Therapist may come from diverse musical backgrounds, but as a collective they’re on the same wavelength… Describing themselves as “progressive pop-rock,” these lads are on a mission to reveal what has been missing in the Australian music scene.”
(Music Is My Muse, 2016)

"Their music is unlike anything else currently making the rounds; it’s rooted in hard rock, but navigates myriad sonic territories."
(Happy Mag, 2019)


Review by Tommy Faith Tommy Faith

26 Apr 2019

Triple J

this is a melting pot of everything from prog, to power-metal to pop rock. Quite the spicy mix!

this is a melting pot of everything from prog, to power-metal to pop rock. Quite the spicy mix!